Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Aloha

15 Jul 2014 MadisonK | 1 Comment


So you guys already know how much I love Lipstick Queen Lipsticks. Color, texture, and no funky smells completely work for me! The Endless Summer Collection inspired by 60’s surf movies is so much fun! Love that idea but the colors always seemed way too bright for me so I always ended up buying the Sinners. Even though I do love the idea of a bright pop of color, I kind of always shied away from the Endless Summer Collection and even though it’s my job to try everything I just couldn’t find a color to fall in love with, that was until now! Aloha just looked like the perfect color and when I applied it, it literally glided on so smoothly and felt so amazing that I was hooked. These lipsticks are so emollient and actually they are pretty sheer with just enough pigment to make a statement. They do contain Spf 15 and UV-A and AV-B filters so they are especially good for the outdoors. Aloha is like the perfect sheer red! I swear I have been looking for this color forever! Yay!! So always the Lipstick Queen I give a big thumbs up for Endless Summer Aloha!!! And Remember…..It’s all about the fun…


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1 Comment

  1. LISA FISHER says:

    An absolute MUST HAVE lipstick!!!! I love Lipstick Queen lipsticks! My all time favorites!!!!

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