KelleyBaker Smudge Brush and Brow Powder

17 Aug 2016 MadisonK | No Comments

kelleybakerSo the whole eyebrow sensation thing has been pretty insane and it’s literally all over the beauty world. I love love love looking at the before and after brows all over Instagram :) Really great! There is however times when I think these brows look kind of extreme or overdone. :( Usually… I think that the problem comes from not using the best products or color matching ones brows. I have always really liked my brows and only recently ventured into getting creative with brow products. After all… your brows outline your eyes and face and can really make a difference in your overall appearance. Getting it wrong can be a beauty disaster :( .

KelleyBaker famous brow artist and fashionista is well aware of this and has created what I feel is the absolute perfect brush and brow powder for real expert application! Realizing that there truly is an art to brows, I am truly loving this process. :) I have used the other products on the market and they really do not compare to KelleyBaker :) . It’s definitely is a new Madison’s Favorite and I think a real classic!

Remember…It’s all about the fun…

Madison K.

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