Indie Lee Swiss Apple Facial Serum

17 Jan 2017 MadisonK | No Comments

Wow!!! I cannot believe we are in 2017. What could be better than ringing in the New Year with a clean, organic and fabulous product? During the stressful Holiday season I found my rashes getting really bad and I was definitely not eating well. Ugh… I ate so much junk :( I am in definite need of losing a few pounds in the New Year.

The long hours in front of my computer and the insanity of my social media has me up all hours and my eyes were looking really tired. Ugh I hate that dry feeling…definitely not fun :( It seemed that none of my gazillions of products were helping…so feeling a little desperate I started mixing things and getting creative. I had been using Skyn Iceland (which I do really like) and came across this unused Indie Lee Facial Serum in my product box. I squeezed a little of this amazing serum and used it along with my eye cream. Just a few drops felt so good! It is made with the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple combined with rich proteins, phytonutrients, and metabolites which help with environmental stress. All I can say is I love this product!!!! I like that it’s organic and that I can mix it or use it alone and the results speak for themselves!

I have been doing my little experiment now for almost a month and I took a look at my eye skin this morning and WOW!!! My eye skin is looking so much better and feels so smooth :) Yay!!! There is a great story about Indie Lee you should read up on this amazing woman if you get a minute. In the meantime this serum is simply amazing!!!

Remember…It’s all about the fun…

Madison K.

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